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Champagne & Chocolate

Freeze Dried Rainbow Crunch 5oz

Freeze Dried Rainbow Crunch 5oz

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Introducing Freeze-Dried Rainbow Crunch, the latest sensation in the world of innovative snacking. Taking the iconic Skittles and elevating them through an intricate freeze-drying process, these candies burst with intensified flavors and an unexpected, delightful crunch. Each piece embodies the vibrant hues of a rainbow, now with a lighter-than-air texture. It's not just a candy; it's an experience. Dive into this reinvented classic and let every bite take you on a flavorful crunch journey. Taste the rainbow like never before with Freeze-Dried Rainbow Crunch.



Manufactured in a facility on shared equipment that also processes Egg, Coconut, Tree nuts, Peanuts, and wheat.

Product Care

Champagne & Chocolate products are completely hand cut, handmade, and handcrafted in our candy factory. Please store your chocolates in a dry, cool place. 

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