Please note that we package our products for shipping the best we can but we
can’t be responsible for breakage of candy.  For example our Peanut
Brittle is very thin and crisp and there may be some breakage during
shipping.  Also during summer weather we can’t be responsible for
melting as noted below.

Warm Weather Friendly Shipments (April - October):

We have Warm Weather Friendly
candies such as our Brittles, Fudges, Taffy, and Hard Candy.  No ice is
needed to pack these items and make them ideal for the warmer season.

Shipping during the Warmer months of April - October.

Chocolate & Heat-Sensitive Candy Shipments:

We insulate and ice pack all chocolate candies during
our warm weather months (April - October) thus why there is a slight
additional cost in shipping.  There should be no problem getting your
chocolates if you receive them within two days since we pack with ice
and insulation.   Anything over 2 days we cannot be responsible for the
following reasons as noted below.

The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory cannot be held
responsible for late packages due to circumstances beyond our control
such as: incorrect or incomplete addresses, adverse weather, natural
disasters, or disruptions in air or ground transportation networks to
name a few.  

To also prevent melting, orders
received Wednesday-Friday will ship the following Monday or Tuesday to
reduce the time spent in transit or sitting in a warehouse or vehicle.

During warm weather periods, we do not ship chocolate and heat-sensitive candy to PO Boxes 

USPS has permission to leave
packages at the recipient address if no one is there to sign for the
package. The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory is not responsible
for packages stolen or damaged after they are delivered to the address
specified by the customer. When possible, we suggest shipping to a
business location.  The Chocolate
Nugget Candy Factory will not refund purchases if the product is
damaged or melted after the first delivery attempt, or if it is returned
to us by USPS.