Three Things You Didn’t Know About Champagne

The reason I love champagne is because it can be used in literally every occasion – from a special event to a friend get-together – and it pairs incredibly well with food. Before I opened Champagne & Chocolate in December of 2021, I did some extensive research about the bubbly drink and I was fascinated by what I found. These are three things I bet you didn’t know about champagne that you can now use to impress your guests at your next dinner party (or brunch)!


1) Good champagne has “collerette”

Collerette is the bubble trains traveling up the sides of a glass. When you’re drinking the good stuff, you’ll be able to see these bubbles traveling up your glass when you pour it up. I made sure the champagne we serve at Champagne & Chocolate had collerette – I wanted the best of the best for my customers!

2) Winston Churchill was one of the biggest champagne fans

Who would’ve thought? It is said that between 1908 and 1965, he drank an estimated 42,000 bottles. Another fun fact: Pol Roger made him a special one pint bottle that was served to him every day at precisely 11 a.m. Now THAT’S living lavish!

3) A double fermentation is needed to create champagne

Wine is created by a single fermentation, but champagne requires a double fermentation to give it that sparkling touch. The first fermentation gives a white or rosé wine. Yeast and sugar are added in the second fermentation. This process takes approximately 15 months!


And there you have it – three things I bet you didn’t know about bubbly! Be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on Champagne & Chocolate and learn more about our favorite drink. Thanks for reading!

Cesar Acosta
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