Pairing Champagne With Chocolate: What You Need To Know

Ever wondered why champagne pairs SO well with chocolate? Before I launched my business, I wanted to understand the delicacies of how the delectable chocolate flavors perfectly complement bubbly champagne. Here’s what I found.

Start Sweet

On The Spruce Eats, I learned that to maximize the unique pairing of champagne and chocolate, you should always start with a champagne that is sweeter than the chocolate itself. It’s best to look champagne terms such as "demi-sec" or "doux" on the label.

Balance is Key

To get the most out of your pairing experience, consider the weight of the chocolate and of the champagne. “For lighter styles of white and milk chocolate, the lighter to medium-bodied drinks will show a brighter pairing than a drink that is heavier on the palate and over competes with the chocolate” (The Spruce Eats).

Bitter or Sugary

An interesting fun fact I learned is that not all chocolate pairs marvelously with champagne. There are certain chocolates that enhance the tasting experience more than others, and that’s something I took into consideration when crafting the chocolate menu at Champagne & Chocolate. “A chocolate with a higher level of cacao and sugar free will be very dry and bitter in the palate and will be harder to pair with a Champagne” (Glass of Bubbly). After diving deeper into this topic, my advice is to pair the sweeter chocolates with our champagne and to save the bitter chocolates for another drink. Good thing we offer a variety of different drinks!

The Order Matters

It’s recommended to start with the chocolates with higher percentages of cocoa first, and to save the richer ones for last. This method is gentle on your palette, but if you’re up for a flavorful adventure, then it’s totally ok to go back and forth!

In closing

Everybody’s taste and preferences are different. There is no absolute right way to pair champagne with chocolate. No matter how you choose to pair, it’s a delightful experience nonetheless. Come see me at Champagne & Chocolate so we can find your perfect pairing experience together!

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