Elevate Your Sweet-Tooth Experience with Our New Freeze Dried Collection

At Champagne & Chocolate, we're always looking for innovative ways to delight your senses, and our latest offering promises to do just that. Get ready to experience the familiar in a spectacularly new way with our exciting Freeze Dried Collection!

We've ventured into freeze-drying, a process that's more commonly seen in the realm of astronaut food. But why should astronauts have all the fun? Our new line brings this space-age process straight to your palate, completely transforming the texture and taste of beloved candies while maintaining their delicious flavor profiles.

The Space-Age Candy Line-Up

  1. Freeze-Dried Skittles: Taste the rainbow like never before. Our Freeze-Dried Skittles have a unique crunch, a delightful change from their traditionally chewy counterpart. Watch as the vibrant colors crackle and pop, creating a delightful spectacle as you bite into them. Each Skittle is a burst of concentrated fruit flavor, guaranteed to send your taste buds on a thrilling joyride.

  2. Freeze-Dried Jolly Ranchers: Ever wondered what a Jolly Rancher would taste like if it was crispy instead of hard? Well, wonder no more! The freeze-drying process imparts a light, airy texture to the Jolly Ranchers while intensifying their bold, fruit flavors. Your favorite candy now comes with an extra dose of crunch.

  3. Freeze-Dried Taffy: Taffy like you've never experienced it before. Our Freeze-Dried Taffy transforms this chewy classic into a light, crunchy delight without losing the rich and creamy flavor you love. Each bite is a multi-sensory experience as the candy transforms back to its chewy form as you savor it.

Shipping is Now Sweeter

We know that our discerning clientele spans the entire nation, and we're excited to share that our Freeze Dried Collection is available for shipping nationwide.

The Freeze Dried Collection is not just an exciting treat to indulge in; it also makes for a memorable gift. Bring a futuristic twist to birthdays, holidays, or any 'just because' moments with this unique collection. Perfect for the adventurous palate and those who love a sweet surprise, this collection is sure to delight.

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